Birth of Kundun

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Birth of Kundun

Post by xyleuze on Thu May 29, 2008 12:46 pm

Birth of Kundun

A very very long time ago, things in the continent of MU where much different
from the way they are today. This all takes place in what used to be a huge
village that was built hundreds of years before lorencia. The village was
called Valley of Lorencia. This was once a beautiful land full of people,
that was managed by a King and his Queen. With this government in place
the lands stayed at peace. This government would not tolerate thieves, nor
outlaws, or any types of sorcery. Any person who violated these laws would be sent to the place known as Excile, to serve a sentence given to them by the court.
Two of the people that where sent to excile where a husband and wife that

had a strong thirst for power. They studied the dark arts of magic, and become quite strong, killing anyone who got in their way. The king learned of the husband and wife, and what they were doing, so he sent an army of 100 men to capture them. The army succeeded, capturing, and then bringing them to justice for there crimes.In court the king gave the husband and wife a life sentence in excile with no chance of freedom ever again.
Two years after being cast away to excile the wife conceived a little boy. The husband and wife taught there young child how to use magic, In hopes
that he would become a great sorcerer, and rule in Valley of Lorencia.
Ten years have past and the boy had learned all that his parents could teach him. He waited at the entrance of excile, waiting for the next chance for the gates to be open. This is where many things will change.
The gates opened, It was the guards throwing in another prisoner. At that moment the boy used the dark magic that he was taught, killing the guards, and escaping from excile. The boy grew up outside of valley of lorencia, expanding his knowledge in the dark arts. The more the boy learned, the more he become filled with evil.

Years past, and the young boy had become a young man. He learned the powers of a Dark Lord, and now he will take revenge on the people of Valley of Lorencia. Killing hundreds of people, he then wanted to attack the government. Knowing he wasnt strong enough yet to take on an army of mass numbers, he went on a quest to find the sacred stones known as the Mithril stones. The mithril stones hold an extreme amount of magic and power.
The dark lord, later known as Demonsmind, set out to
find as many of these stones as possible. In a years time he found 10 mithril
stones. The Dark Lord Demonsmind said to himself.."With this much power I can become a GOD!"

So he traveled to a far away place called Noria. On the magical lands of noria the dark lord searched for a goblin that can extract the power from those mithril stones. The goblin refused to give the dark lord the power that he searched so long to find. This made Demonsmind very angry, casting a spell on the goblin, to make him operate the Chaos Machine forever. It worked! The Dark lord Demonsmind had successfully extracted the power from the stones. Dark Clouds formed in the sky, shooting lightning in every direction. Demonsmind was starting to become a bit frightened, for he didnt know what was about to happen. At this moment all of the lands started to change. The sunlight was covered by thick clouds outside of Valley of Lorencia, Devias which was once a tropical land, started
to snow, the earth shook, thunder rolled, and a very deep and dark voice spoke to Demonsmind, as his new powers started changing his body, the voice said
"You will now be know as KUNDUN". He now has the power he has worked so hard to find. Revenge on the Government will now begin. Kundun teleports to the middle of the castle. Kundun speaks to the people, and the government, in a thunder like voice. Kundun says "The War Will Now Begin" Raising his right hand, he drops a
Jewel of Chaos to the ground. The jewel shatters, and monsters start forming all over the continent. The government knowing they can not defeat such power they leave Valley of Lorencia, and head out towards Devias to start a new life. Kundun now rules Valley of Lorencia, except there are no people to rule. So he opens Excile, releasing all of the prisoners, but they all move to devias also.

Filled with rage Kundun seeks out to Rule the whole continent, killing everyone who will not bow to his feet. The kings of devias learn of what Kundun plans to do, and they know that they must stop him somehow. So they send 10,000 men to Valley of Lorencia to try and kill kundun. Kundun is much to strong, he kills the whole army with one strike. The kings realise that there army's can not defeat Kundun, so they send a message to the GM Elders requesting there help.

The GM Elders agree that something must be done, or all will die. The Elders go to Valley of Lorencia, to find Kundun sitting on the throne. The 3 Elders say to Kundun..
"Step Down, and leave our lands or we will banish you" Kundun says " Banish me??
Ha Ha Ha Ha, You cant banish me to Excile, I have escaped from there already!"
The elders say " You will spend eternity in a land only known to the Elders, this land is called Kalima" Kundun attacks, sending the Blade Knight Elder flying through the air.

Kundun then attacks the Muse Elf Elder, but the Soul Master Elder was faster at teleporting her to safety. The Soul Master throws an energy ball at kundun, but Kundun is much to strong to be hurt by weak magic. Kundun then walks to the hurt Blade Knight, placing his hands around his throat, and lifts his limp body into the air. Kundun then reaches for his sword, and places it against the Blade Knights chest, the Soul Master trying everything possible to stop Kundun, but nothing was working, then Kundun grasped the sword tightly, preparing to ram it through the Blade Knights chest, at that moment the Muse Elf shot a magical arrow from her ancient bow, sending it through Kunduns hand.

Kundun drops the Blade Knight, and lets out a loud roar that was heard all over the continent. Kundun attacked the Muse Elf almost killing her with one hit, but she still had enough strength to freeze him. The Soul Master, and the Blade Knight knew that Kundun wouldn't stay frozen long, so they needed to make there move fast.
The Soul Master and The Blade Knight joined hands, combining there powers
to attack Kundun so hard that he would be teleported to Kalima. It worked! Kundun was gone, the Soul Master quickly cast a spell to seal all entrances and exits to Kalima. Trapping Kundun forever.

Present Day........
Valley of Lorencia is now known as Valley of Loren. A new village was built, it's called Lorencia. Even with Kundun gone, lorencia still remains dark, devias always snows, and monsters still roam the lands.
Valley of Loren is still full of chaos, the thirst
for power in that land has destroyed many lives, and the once beautiful land.
And NOW, people have discovered a way to enter Kalima, its only a matter of time before Kundun rains chaos on the lands again.

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Re: Birth of Kundun

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awsome story dude ^_~
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