Atlans's Pirate Story

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Atlans's Pirate Story

Post by LordMaya on Tue May 27, 2008 11:54 pm

atlan's pirates are ancient and mistic creatures
they are ordinirary humans, which accidently discovered mu continent.
they were roming the sea of kalahan - the king of the seas of mu continent.
but suddenly, something attacked them - people believe it was the kraken.
whoever gets to the surface of the sea of kalahan, is a true hero, because there is a lot of air in depts only. and so, they are still hunting the atlans world. they are cursed, because they are ordinirar mortals, who discovered the ancient lands of mu. and that is why they are punished.their leader - heartless egomaniac shippo dreak is trully a pirate. he will ask you: mony or life, you will give him money, but then he will say: money and your life... noone exsely has a picture of him. there are paintings, where he is darwn, but he's still very mistirous. once they died, they were given a power to control sea monsters, and now that they control krakens, they control the sea. but kalahan doesn't like that, and battle corupt olmost every day. one ship leaves wrecked, other mixed into juice... but they are olso big drinkers. and 1 millenium ago, a pirate was captured, and he has told: ahoy, me mates the pirates will rule the world again, just before he died.
and so if you would happen to hear "yoho, and a bottle of rum", you are probably going to is up to, if you will belive in these stories and be more carefull in atlans next time, or you will ignore the warnings and get lost in the desert of ship wrecks in atlans.

this was psychopatic reporter TheMazimer
join me next time, when we will unleash the darkest secrets of devias and its past.

Credits to TheMazimer of ZForum

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