A Place of Exile

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A Place of Exile

Post by LordMaya on Thu May 29, 2008 1:34 pm

The so called "Exile" is a different universe of MU that is trying to break into the main dimension of it.
This was caused by Kundun and the other High Demons Erohim, Nightmare, Maya and Hellmaine

durring the ancient war against MU the High Demons used Dark Magic that created chaos in the continent
this caused unbalance in the parallel dimensions making a gateway to the darkness and ancient worlds lost long ago before the High Demons existed

not long ago a Sailor/Boatkeeper found the portal to the heart of this "Exile" dimension
he discovered that this is the only portal to exile that changes destination deppending on the months
this portal is only accessable by boat since its in the ocean

the first time he entered the portal to exile he ended up on an island where the ancient elf guardian Bali lived

for those that dont know Bali is the guardian of life and his power is changing deppending on the life force in MU
he is a greedy guardian and will NEVER drop anything good for you

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