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History of MU

Post by xyleuze on Thu May 29, 2008 12:38 pm

The Eye of Kundun

Chapter 1

Once upon the time, when the war on the lost continent was very hard, a Muse Elf called Julie, and her Blade Knight husband Ronald had a little Dark Knight baby called Legolas. Ronald was the royal commander of the Blade Knight army. One day he left his home, Lorencia to reach the 8th floor of the lost tower. Legolas was only a level 5 Dark Knight with 2 small axes +0 +0 and a leather helmet. A month after Ronald left Lorencia Julie took Legolas to Lorencia bar to eat lunch. Suddenly, the sky became red and began to spin like a whirlpool, and a giant eye was in the center. Hundreds of monsters entered the town and destroyed everything. Julie wanted to save her baby, so she hid him under the table and blessed him with the rest of her power. she gave him a little heavy bag and she left the bar to fight. A giant Kundun killed her with ten thousand and five hundred points of damage. Legolas was saved. He opened his bag and saw a scroll of emperor, a broken sword and a jewel of chaos. He took his bag and his items and started walking heading Devias. He saw a heart of love just when his mom was killed. He was really sad but he didn't give up and started his trip to return his mom Julie. He passed the wandering Merchant for some Potions and headed to the sea. Everything was fine until he heard snoring noises and saw large shadows. He walked as fast as he can. It was night time so he didn't see where he is going. He walked and walked and walke-KNOCK! a giant green golem (Giant) stood in front of him. He lifted his two Double Axes in brutality towards Legolas and...

Chapter 2
The Giants axes were coming down to hit the little DK when a black bird cut them like a knife. A giant horse smashed the giant with his legs with an Dark Lord on it. The Dark Lord got down of the horse and went to talk with Legolas. "Are you ok?" the little Dark Knight was paralyzed and didn't say anything, "I'm your Guardian, Lance. I was sent by your father to protect you wherever you go. So in case of emergency, just think about me and I will come help. Now go into this gate over there. I hope we will meet again." the Dark Lord got on his horse and rushed into the water and disappeared... The little warrior walked into the gate and got into Devias. He went to the inn and took a rest... in the morning he came outside the town and got up in some levels. He got to level 150 after a week of training. He came to the inn tired with his new dragon set and tried to look on his bag that was given to him by his mom. When he read the scroll of emperor, the room started to shake. A strange set appeared "....

Chapter 3

An Archangel Set have appeared and entered his bag. Then Lance entered his room. "Take your mothers gifts to the lady near the exit" said Lance and disappeared in the shadows. Legolas did as he said. When the lady took the items she read the scroll and stabbed the sword in the heart of Legolas. He fell down and fainted. An hour later he opened his eyes and got up. The lady was gone. His body was glowing and he had new clothes. His Dragon Armor was black and his swords were very sharp and shiny. Then he saw another thing, there town was dark and full of walls and skeletons. He started to walk around and tried to find the way out. After a long walk he saw a bridge full of skeletons and fire came out from every corner. He saw a Blade Knight on the floor full of blood, almost dead. He gave him a few potions to recover. The man said "Thank you, son..." Legolas saw his father standing before him!
He hugged him and told him everything about the last few weeks he passed.
"Legolas, my son, get out of here fast before it's too la..." The sealing broke down and a giant eye was in the sky. Thousands of monsters entered Lost tower and start climbing up the floors. When the monsters went to LT8, the eye fell down and dropped on the floor (Sign of Kundun item+6) and ripped his bag. A jewel of chaos fell down and hit the eye, they combined together!!!(A Kalima map). A large gate appeared and sucked Legolas into it when the tower started to collapse...

Chapter 4
The Lost Tower was about to fall when Legolas was sucked into the gate of Kalima 6. A dark phoenix sent a lightning bolt towards Ronald. The hit left him with only 1 HP and slammed him into the gate. The tower fell down and disappeared in the shadows after the rest of the lightning bolts hit the walls of the shaky tower. Legolas tossed into the Kundun's territory in Kalima and his father too... it was shady and dark all around... Legolas gave his dying father all of the potions he had with him to recover him. He got up and took a look around. "Oh no! son, we got to get out of here as fast as we can!! Get to the gate!" said Ronald and looked around. "What?" "Get back to the gat..."
said Ronald when a black shadow passed through him."Dad!!! No!!!!!!!!" he ran to look at Ronald, he was murdered. He looked at the left hand corner of the screen and saw "Lance: 2nd Stage Outlaw" he looked back totally shocked and saw a Lance coming from the darkness which was totally black with a red weapon. Legolas walked some steps away while saying "i...it was you?!" said Legolas totally paralyzed. Lance sand his hand towards Legolas and sanded fire burst chains that fastened him to the wall while walking towards him... Then he raised his hand to the sky- a giant explosion created the giant eye of Kundun. He dropped his hands downwards and the eye dropped too and created a giant round magical circle. Lance went to Legolas and took his mom's Heart of Love and went to the middle of the circle. He took the heart in one hand and an ancient maxed Kris (Set item). "The Dark Lord will come alive, again!!" and stabbed the Kris in the Heart of Love. Lance and the whole circle exploded and shade the entire room. All the shadows gathered and started to make a huge shadow shape

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Re: History of MU

Post by LordMaya on Thu May 29, 2008 12:40 pm

/Sticked Thread

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