The Legend of the Fenrir

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The Legend of the Fenrir

Post by xyleuze on Thu May 29, 2008 12:30 pm

Legend Of the Fenrir

During Medieval times,Norsemen(also called Vikings)imagined some of the most fearsome beasts in European mythology.This humongous wolf was the son if a devious Norse god, and it thirsted for blood. Even other gods feared this massive beast, and came up with a clever plan to keep him locked up until the end of time.

Creature Features
Name: Fenrir(means "marsh-dweller" in ancient Norse language
Body Parts: Body of a giant wolf that would grow to be bigger than Earth itself
Where? Scandinavia (Norway,Sweden and Denmark)and Iceland.

Magic Leash
Fenrir was a strong beast but not too smart, so the Norse gods thought they could trick him. They challenged the giant wolf to a test of strength to see if he could break free from their strongest chains, though their plan was to permanently bind him. Fenrir accepted and to the gods' horror, tore through the chains as if they were made of paper. The gods then hired dwarfs to create a magical ribbon, called Glepnir. that was thin but completely unbreakable. Fenrir couldn't break Glepnir, and he was tied to a huge rock a mile below the earth's surface.

Strange Ingredients: The ribbon that bound Fenrir was made of six strange things: the sound of a cat's footsteps, a woman's beard, a bear's fear, a mountain's roots, a bird's saliva and a fish's breath.

End of Time : if the legend are true, on the day the world ends, Which the Vikings called Ragnarok, Fenrir will break free of Glepnir and devour many people and gods alike. The beast is also supposed to swallow the sun.

Give Him a Hand!
When the gods challenged Fenrir to break Glepnir, the wolf refused because he thought breaking the thin chain was too easy. When the gods insisted, he sensed a trap. Fenrir made the god Tyr hold his hand in the wolf's jaws during the "test". When the couldn't break free and the gods wouldn't release him, Fenrir bit off Tyr's hand, forcing the god to learn to fight left-handed.

War Strategy: Fenrir was the son of Loki, a deceptive god that battled with other Norse gods. Loki hoped Fenrir would ravage the people on Earth along with his son, the Giant Serpent Jormungand.

Big Bad Wolf
The gods separated Fenrir from his father when the wolf was just a pup. They kept it caged, but the beast grew quickly to a gigantic size. The gods began to fear Fenrir, so they decided to chain him up...


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